A class motto is a phrase designed to capture the beliefs and values of an individual or group.  I believe it is important for each class to establish a motto for this school year.  
Your first blog will be to think of at least 3 possible mottos and post on this site.  We will view each possibility and vote on the one we feel best expresses our character.  
8/25/2011 02:40:39 am

With your thoughts you can do anything so keep your head clear and always stay positive.

The road to success is long and weary but just keep going and never give up.

No matter how many times you fall, you always stand up 1 more time.

science kids
8/25/2011 02:42:23 am

you can acheive what you beleive

make your dreams come true no matter how hard it seems

dont look back on failure, look forward to success

8/25/2011 02:42:51 am

*If we imagine it, we can achieve it; If we dream it we can become it!

*You can remember yesterday, Now dream for tomorrow, But just live for today

*Behind is the path of learning; Ahead is our road to success

Sunny D's
8/25/2011 02:45:25 am

If we can't survive the laws of success, we can create our own.

When Failure Dehydrates you, you will be thirsty for accomplishment.

We are convinced that success can protect us, but sometimes failure finds it way in.

Science Bloggers
8/25/2011 02:50:29 am

One who accepts his failures and continues to try and reach his goals, will succeed throughout life.

It's possible at any age that you can discover something you never knew you had.

If your dreams ever fail, keep moving forward and don't give up the dream you once desired.`

8/25/2011 02:50:44 am

" To succeed in life you have to forget about the reasons why your idea might not work and find one great reason why it will."

"Great work is achieved not by power but by hard work and perseverance."

"A winner is someone who accepts their failures and mistakes, picks up the pieces, and continues trying to achieve their highest goals."

T, T, and uhhh T!
8/25/2011 02:51:20 am

-Go at your own pace, life is not a race.

-When you get motivation, do what you do best just put aside the rest.

-When you fall, don't crawl, get up and achieve it all.

8/25/2011 02:53:34 am

If you use your heart and mind into what you believe in, you will be successful.

We succeed because we know we can.

In school, you learn and then have a test. In life, you have a test and you learn from it.

Bryan J Keller
8/26/2011 02:14:51 am

1 Science is very fun to learn.
2 You get to do a lot of fun stuff in science.
3 Science is very important to learn.


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