Look at the image above.  One half of the image shows how light transmits through a flat piece of glass, while the other shows how light transmits through a frosted or rough surface.  Based on your observation of the image, please explain why you believe the image from the frosted side is blurry.
9/19/2010 11:43:03 pm

The frosted peice of glass is translucent so only some of the light can get through. On the other hand, all of the light gets through on the other side because it is transparent.

9/19/2010 11:45:20 pm

We think the frosted half of the image is blurry becuase once light hits the glass,it goes off in many different directions and finally making its way through the rough glass. Once reflecting off the object the light has to travel back through the rough glass and into your eyes.

9/19/2010 11:45:25 pm

The reason that the smooth glass doesn't effect the way you see the image because the glass tranmitts the light energy through it. The frosted glass makes the image blurry because there isn't as much light transitted through the glass and the glass bends the light.

9/19/2010 11:47:13 pm

If the glass is frosted it is like a moist cloud on a window. The frosted side is blurry because the frost doesn't allow light to travel through that well. When you wipe the mist or frost off it is easier to see the object. It still is hard to see, but it is better than having all of the frost on it.

9/19/2010 11:47:16 pm

I believe the image from the frosted side is blurry because frost is a form of frozen water . The frozen water coats the glass making it blurry because its cold outside the glass, and warm inside the glass.And thats why the glass is blury.

9/19/2010 11:53:57 pm

The reason one side of the glass is clear and the other isn't is because, there is frost that your eyes can see through but you can't see details. The other side of the picture doesn't have frost so you can see clearly through it.

Alanta Braves Fanz
9/20/2010 01:19:23 am

The frosted glass is a thicker glass than the other glass that is beceause the frosted glass has more particals than the other glass so it cant get all the way through but the other one dosent have as many particals which allows light to go thruogh it more easily.

DA Ballerz
9/20/2010 01:19:40 am

We think the frosted side is blurry because the surface is rough so light cannot travel through it very well. aslo because there are tiny objects on the frosted glass so the light is reflect in a bunch of directions.

TNT dynomite
9/20/2010 01:23:58 am

I think that the image is blurry from the frosted side because the frosted side is glass and glass dose not reflect that much, so you can just bearly see the image, were a mirror has the ablity to reflect the light so you can see almost the same image as the object.

9/20/2010 01:25:02 am

I think the light appears blurry on the frosted surface because the surface is rough so the image is going to appear that way. The light hits the surface and because it is rough the light appears to bend or go in different directions to make the image blurry.

Da- divaz
9/20/2010 01:25:16 am

We believe that when you see a smooth piece of glass you can see a lot better because it is flat. Also because on frosted glass the surface is rough and light can't travel through that as easly because there are a lot of particals.

Positive Bloggers
9/20/2010 01:26:22 am

We believe that half of that image of a flower looks fuzzy becuase on the smooth side the particles are not very packed together and it is clear, so you see a clearer image, while on the fuzzy side the particles are packed together more and the frost creates a film to where not enough light can travel through and reflect into your eyes as clearly as the non-frosted side.


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